Get Premium quality of Prawns & Seafood from us

Straight from the water into the freezer, all of our seafood are frozen from fresh. We guarantee our customers constant availability of our exqusisite products at an optimum level of freshness.

Get the Best Quality Irish Lamb and Sheep

Ireland’s extra ordinary lamb or sheep production chain is exemplary. Irish lamb is well demanded products in the International market because of the high quality.  Reared in the Ireland’s climate, lamb benefit from plentiful grass and herbs, giving Irish lamb a unique delicate flavour.

Top Quality Halal Hen

Hennah specialises in the production and distribution of free range, stun-free, Halal, hand-slaughtered stewing hen of the highest quality, all minimally processed. Our tasty & wholesome Halal Frozen Hen’s are all individually hand slaughtered in accordance to Halal requirements. 

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Best quality Halal Meat

We provide consistent quality Halal meat & seafood from sustainable source. we have worked hard at ensuring that we can offer you and your consumers only the best quality Halal Irish bred meat products.


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We only serve 100% Tayyib Halal meats and food products. We serve only high quality meats, seafood and food products. All of our animals are naturally feed. None of our animals are used any Antibiotics, Pesticides, Chemicals, Hormones and Steroids.

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