We have the capacity to process large quantities of high quality produce, and not just in Ireland. We also export to several countries across Europe, including the UK, France, Italy, Germany, Scandinavia and beyond and are proude to provide quality Halal, Irish bred livestock and Processed meat and seafood, to consumers worldwide. our export market is expanding daily and we work hard to always supply 100% Halal meats and food products to the international market while still maintaining our core values of quality service and customer satisfation.


Our facilities are fully E.C approved and operate under the Department of Agriculture, Food and Marine guidelines. We have achieved the very highest standard of food hygiene and we monitor and maintain all hygiene records and procedures to ensure all our products are of the highest level of quality and freshness. Our seafood is imported directly from Asian Countries. Our products are stored at -18°C to ensure you get the best quality products from us.

We have full traceability of every product we sell and produce we sell and produce to guarantee full confidence to all our customers in food safety and the highest hygiene legislation.


“Our customers keep us going”.

Asba Meats is fully dedicated to excellent customer service and satisfaction, as we are well aware that it is to our customerz we owe our very sincere thanks to you, without our customers, Asba Meats and Foods would not exist or be as successful as it is today. if you have any issues regarding orders, any questions about delivery, pricing or Products, then don’t hesitate to get in touch. For any Queries, questions or suggestions, please contact for more details

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